Don Dodge, VP of Product Development at Napster (currently with Microsoft Emerging Business) issues a post that I wish I would have read, and paid attention to, prior to my failure of InfoQuake. Although I might have heard the words before, I did not hear them in the excitment of “my idea”. I always read and believed that you should stay focused on your goal, and not to take your eye of the ball. Believe it, and it will happen! Wrrrooonnnggggg! Like Don states in this post, don’t attempt to solve big companies problems, they will simply take you out and will do so when/if they turn their attention to you. Now you might think that – So what, I’ll fight them! Well in the world of start-ups, no investor is willing (and will run away as fast as they can) when hear lawsuit (or even legal fees). Nothing will suck your energy, or finacial resources, faster than a lawyer with a client covering his invoice that has given him direction to make you go away. You could (and probably are) totally correct in your position, but that simply will not matter.

Sorry… got going on a little rant about lawyers, and their role in business law and business ethnics. They are not all bad, but are simply used by companies to ensure/protect business models that are aging.

I’m not dead yet however, I’m taking the lessons learned from my past experiences and moving forwards. As this blog is dedicated to, I (still) have a dream! A dream where consumers control (and utimately) get paid for their willingness to expose some aspect of their consumer profile to merchants.

In my upcoming posts, I will document my little tale of spending ~$500,000 on a little start-up – and if your not careful, how a little dream can grow and have impact on people (good and bad) that you would have never guess. Also (and this is my fault) how you can lose the whole thing by not paying attention – only to have somebody else pick it up and enjoy the benefits of your labour (yet another simliarity between Don and I – only the scale was a little different )