Robert Scoble is looking for an HDTV set and search is not working for him. If you read his blog entry, he talks about how search engines should anticipate a role a consumer is playing and reveal information correctly. That’s one company attempting to anticipate thousands, if not millions, of possible requests. I think this is the wrong approach. In my opinion this is only one step better than broadcast marketing, at least Google has the chance to laydown several different “ads” and returns one that it hopes meets the consumer needs.

I think this is totally the wrong approach – at least for consumers wanting information on products/services that merchants wish to sell.

If I’m interested in something, I would like to “PUBLISH” that I am interested in some information, and that those that wish to service my needs should prepare that information (in the format that I specify), and leave it where I can review it at a time when I so choose.

Thats what I call – “Consumer Managed Marketing”. Robert Scoble evangelises that RSS puts the consumer in control, and I agree that RSS does give consumers the choice to “listen” attentively, but what I want is the ability to manage the ‘right” to speak to me!

The challenge is how to a) define what I’m looking for , b) get merchants to pay attention (really hard), and 3) how to tell me where I can do to pick it up when its ready (and not have my contract points spammed to death).

So what do you think blogosphere – how can we work together to take control of marketing?