Looks like Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch put out a Top 10 List of company profiles he would like to see happen – this blog is all about #4 and #10. Instead of building local sites however, I want to think of a really, really simple way to publish tag lists. That way merchants that wish to address those tag lists would be able to respond directly to the consumer that is wanting goods and/or services. For example, if I wanted a black washing machine – i would put out the tags: “black” “washing machine” “buy” (or “info”, “offer”, etc.) .

The mechanism that I’m thinking that will do this is the DNS infrastructure – not part of it or extend it, but another separate infrastructure that would support the publishing of tags in a distributed manner. Not sure if I’m on the right track here – but this is an open conversation to kick this idea around and see if it has legs.

In the DNS world, I can publish a tag (reukema.ca for example) and push it around the world with a simple entry into my DNS. I realize that this “tag” identifies my server on the net, so why can’t it identify a unique tag on my server, after it finds my server? The other problem is the combination of tags, and how to find servers with those combinations. Going with my Reukema.ca example – it’s one tag and one computer. Resolving the tag points to an IP address.

With my tag scenario I would get a whole wacky of servers that would host any given tag. This set would be reduced further as each tag was added to the query until I would have a set of servers that would have the combination of all tags. I would then reach out, and pull an SSE feed relevant to that set of tags that would allow merchants to update my feed with their offer. I could then respond by simply updating my feed, which would update their feed. To end the dialog, I would simply remove my publishing tags, and my server would simply disappear.

To control the definition of a tag – a governing body at the root would provide definitions (this is really stretching due to the number of tags – but let’s keep going). Tags would then have common meaning for everyone, just like .com, .net, .org now do for the Internet.

Well enough of this stuff tonight ….I’ve got real work to do…

As always, what do you think?