It doesn’t seem to matter how long I’m away from this subject, it always amazes me just how much it captures my attention.  I’ve been lurking on the ProjectVRM mailing list for quite some time now, and although I get all the messages, I have not been able to read them after my first little venture into the discussion.

Then I catch wind of the “Rel Button” fully documented here.  When I read it, I got it and immediately liked it.  It’s simple, communicates effectly, and finally has (from what I’ve seen), some concrete steps on moving forward.

ProjectVRM, or Consumer Managed Marketing, or whatever you want to call it, is about putting the consumer / customer (I know Doc you hate the “passiviness” of consumer) in charge of what they already own.

Amazing to think that we have to explain to customers/consumers that they actually own this data – but alot of that has to do with history before the internet.  Now however, with the internet, we are able to communiate with each other on a scale that has never been seen before in history.  We can gather, focus our collective attention, see and/or force change, and disband in mere moments compared to movements in the past.

I’m excited about the future, as I believe we are getting to critical mass of awareness where people will really get it.  My excitement is tempered only with the fact that my product/solution/ideas, which I formulated more than 10 years ago, were not able to continue to this very day.  I wonder however, if I had continued, where my life would be?

Thanks Doc, and for those contributing to Project VRM, for having the energy to keep talking and pushing this ball forward.  We are on the edge of great things…