Welcome to my new site!

Customer Loyalty has been my passion for the past 13 years.  My greatest frustration is not being able to build a trusting relationship with a merchant/service provider, and have them service my needs throughout my life.  Merchants have lost (it seems to me anyway) their ability to differenciate themselves from their competitors with anything else other than price (case in point, WalMart).

My desire is to help merchants achieve this differenciation by creating a service whereby consumers are able to define merchant behaviour that is acceptable to them.  Merchanting wishing to adapt to that consumer definition may apply to communicate with that consumer.

I call this service Consumer Managed Marketing – a paradigm shift in marketing.

This blog is my humble attempt to share this concept, and gather momentum to create a solution that allows consumer to work together and achieve the goal of having/creating merchant that pay attention to service, and kill off a few big box stores while we are at it!


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